Email from Jeffery G. (FnF Spinning Rod) 12.16.2014:



The new custom fishing rod performed flawlessly. It is the lightest float-n-fly rod that I have had the pleasure to fish with. The wait was definitely well worth it. My friend you are a master at your craft!

I caught seven smallmouth bass yesterday using the new rod and 5 of them were between 4 & 5 pounds. The rod handled them with ease!


Thanks Again!


Jeffery G.

Bowling Green, KY



Email from Jason D. (W.Va. Pack Rod) 10.21.2014:



Finally took my son fishing with the rod you custom built for me.. What a joy to fish and to land Erie steelhead. Thanks again for the rod!

Take care,
Jason Day
Morgantown, WV








Email from Erik M. (CTS 13.6 Skagit Spey):


Hello Dj -

The CTS rod is fantastic!  Using a 570 grain shooting head and I can punch those flies out there no problem.  No arm fatigue after all day fishing either!  Here are some photos of a couple dropbacks I hooked.  I'm looking forward to the fall to give it a real workout.  Thanks again for another great build!



Email from Erik M. (CTS 1364.3 Float Rod):


Hey DJ,

I got out with the custom CTS you made for me, all I can say is unbelievable!!! This rod is amazing and has a ton of power.  I was able to bust fish quick and get them back in the water in no time.  For anyone looking for a custom float rod, this is the guy!  His knowledge of rod design is impeccable.  There was 100% customer-builder communication during the entire build. 

I can't wait till you build me my next rod!!!


Thank you!


Email from Andy K. (Batson XST Float Rod):


Hi Dj,


Sorry for the delay. I picked the rod up on Wednesday at the post office. Packaging was in perfect shape. Removed the rod and it also was in perfect shape. Fit, finish, and workmanship is spectacular! You sir are a master of your craft! The rod balances perfectly with my Islander reel. The silver trim wraps match the silver color of my reel and the burgundy brown guide wraps match the dymond wood handles perfectly for a great looking setup (classy yet subtle, I couldn’t have thought up a better color scheme). I can’t wait to get this rod on the water and see how it performs. Decent weather is in the forecast, so I will shoot you an e mail as soon as I get a chance to fish it.


Thanks a bunch, Andy


(and a follow up email about the rod's performance)


Hi DJ,

I made it out with the new Batson XST float rod the past few days and all I can say is, “Amazing”! This rod has loads of power which will even the odds on the big ones. This is exactly what I was looking for in a center pin rod. Anyone who fishes high gradient rivers for steelhead needs to give this rod serious consideration. With the cold water temps lately the jig bite is on here in New York… Here is a photo of the new rod's first challenger for the testimonial page.  For anyone looking to elevate their game with a custom stick…
The search ends at Infinity Rod Creations!


Thanks again,


Email from S. Bouphavong (Batson XST Float Rod):


Hi Dj,

I received the rod today. OMG!!! I couldn't be happier with the rod. You far exceeded my vision of this build. You are truly a master at what you do. It's a work of art and I absolutely love it! I know whose going to build my 15' next. ;)

Many, many thanks, man! It looks so SWEET.


(second email excerpts)

                 Hey Dj,
First drift=fish on. The rod is a beast. Perform real nice and it's going to take some time getting use to compared to my old rod which is a noodle. A lot of back bone to this with no need to set the hook hard. Its a power house of a rod. I'm very happy with this rod.  The guides and guide placement makes it very easy to cast. Wish I could of had more fish on to truly break in the rod. Over all the quality and performance of the rod is second to none.

Thank you Dj, you make me to wanna fish more.



Email from Mr. Z. N. Xiong (CTS Affinity 1503-3 Chrome Slayer):


I got home from fishing today and was surprised to find a note from my local mail dept. to pick up a parcel. Immediately I knew she had finally arrived. I rushed to pick it up and when I got home...

Wow! I've never seen anything packaged so well. It took me almost 10 min. to carefully unwrap the entire package. After a lengthy inspection, it was apparent that she was in perfect condition. It is an exquisite piece of art, I almost don't want to use her LOL! I'm going to enjoy using her to really put the boots to all the chrome and steel that she's going up against. Most of our Steelhead are wild reproducing fish and they can really put on a show so I'm looking forward to pushing the rod to it's maximum potential. It's a pity that with Dec. coming around the water will be really cold now and the fish won't be able to push the rod to it's limit, but there's always the spring run and next year (hopefully I'll have a Demarco centre-pin reel paired up with her by then too).

Thank you again for your fine work! I'm glad to have stumbled onto your rod building website. Finally I have a rod which meets and EXCEEDS my expectations of what a true custom rod should be. You can expect me (and my better half) to be repeat customers. Not only is your work top notch but the entire build process should be the standard by which all builds should be done.



Email from Tony R. (CTS Affinity 1503-3):


Hello Dj -


The rod is amazing!  I haven't been able to put it down because the rod performs beautifully.  Thanks again for such a great build.  The fall run on my local Huron tributaries has been stellar.  Here is one of many that the CTS handled nicely. Take care and have a great holiday season!





Email from C. Bockhoff (Project Speydicator):

I’ve been able to use the “Speydicator” rod for nearly half a season. The 4 pc., 12 ft.5/6 wt. Graphite Spey Blank makes a sweet GL Indi Stick. This blank is perfect for handling the average 24-28 inch Lake Erie Steelhead.

The ARE blank has a nice mid to full flex feel, you can really feel the rod load when you form your D loop. I lined this rod with the 7wt Airflo Speydicator line and even with a float, a load of shot and a tandem fly setup, spey casts of 60+ feet are an ease to make.

Fighting fish is joyful with this rod. The blank flexes deep and the soft tip section can handle all the head shakes and rolls of a Great Lakes Steelhead. The blank has plenty of backbone to turn fish up to the thirty inches. I have not hooked into any larger fish (30+ inch) so far this season, but I think a little finesse is all that will be needed with the larger fish. But that is why I went with the 5/6 wt. I wanted a rod that addressed the 95% of the fish I hook into, not the 5% exceptions. Jumping up to the 7/8 wt would meet all the needs of the average Great Lakes Steelheader.

Do I really need to comment on the work done by IRC? Topnotch workmanship! You should have installed a business card holder on the rod since I get so many inquiries and complements about the build streamside.


Thank you!




Email from Steve Harvie  (CTS 13'6" Affinity Float Rod):
I FINALLY made it out with the CTS yesterday.  I had an absolutely ridiculous day hooking over 40 wild, fresh Lake Huron chromers and this rod is amazing!!!

Hooking so many fish, I was able to put it to a real test - rather than chasing the hot ones I just clamped down on them and was able to turn most of them around and didn't feel at all underpowered.  Anyway just wanted to send you a shout out saying I finally used her and absolutely love it!!!  Awesome rod and beautiful craftsmanship.

It is a wonderful combination of light and powerful!!

Thanks again buddy!


(follow-up received the next day)

Yikes!!! I think this stick might be magic - I hooked another 15 fish on a different river today! Here are a few photos.




Email from Kjell Bagge (CTS 13'6" Affinity Float Rod):


Hey Domenic!

I just wanted to give you an update on the CTS Float Rod you built for me. First off, I haven't had the opportunity to land but a couple of steelhead on it so far as the river has only had a few fish and the angling pressure has been the worst I've seen on this river.  And,  I've only got out fishing a few times (excuses!).

Besides the couple of steelhead landed, I've landed a bunch of various types of trout (several 20+ inch lunkers), some whitefish and a salmon. So I've been able to get a good feel of the rod and to be reassured that it has the backbone to handle the largest fish. A lot of float rods have too soft of an action for my liking and the faster action of the CTS blank was just what I was looking for. It casts wonderfully, is sensitive and can handle large fish with confidence. The handle length and shape you built for me are perfect when fighting a lunker. The guides, their size and their spacing are perfectly matched to the blank. They allow the rod to cast easily and will allow for minus degree fishing. And of course, the rod is very pleasing to the eye.

I've attached a photo of a 26" Bull Trout inland Dolly Varden). When I get some good steelhead photos, I'll send them.

Thanks, Domenic!




Email from Kjell Bagge (SFFR):

I contacted Infinity Rod Creations about building a "Spring Fed Float Rod" for trout fishing and was immediately aware of his professionalism. He asked the right questions and gave experienced advice on what would fit my needs best. It was an easy decision to go with Domenic as my rod builder. He continually kept me up to date through out the build and sent photos as the rod progressed. Any concerns were immediately alleviated and I developed complete confidence in his abilities. I have never felt so at ease with a build as I have with Domenic, he seemed to know exactly what I was looking for. The build time was well with in my expectations and his shipping was quick.  When I received the rod, It was obvious that the photos did not depict it's true beauty. The craftsmanship was top notch to say the least. The components chosen with Domenic's advice were of fine quality and were suited for the rod's purpose. The grips felt natural in my hand and are very comfortable. The blank was a perfect match for its intended use.  Aesthetically, the rod is a work of art. This is important to me because I feel if something is aesthetically pleasing to me, I will tend to use it more and that's what it's all about, getting out and fishing more. His grip design was beautiful and the way everything blended together truly was pleasing to the eye. The wraps and trim bands incorporated the colors of the reel that I would be using and Domenic went as far as contacting the reel manufacturer to get the same wood for the reel insert as what was being used for the reel's handles. All this equated to a rod and reel made for each other and as I stated before, the colors and materials all blending together to produce a beautiful work of art.  Matching this rod with a quality 4" reel, I was able to cast 1 to 2 grams of weight effortlessly. The rod blank was matched perfectly for this. The rod in general is very comfortable to fish with and performs light and crisp. I've made several outings since receiving it and they have presented me with the opportunity to actually land some fish! The trout I've hooked into have ranged from 5 to 16 inches. This rod really shined with the fish in the teens but even the smaller fish were a joy to catch. I did hook into a few lunkers, but didn't get a good hook set so I never landed any. The Spring Fed Float Rod is a very sensitive and light feeling rod that makes hooking the smallest fish enjoyable but still has the backbone to land the larger ones. Domenic did his homework when choosing this blank for building this rod. It's a perfect match for trout in the 10 to 20 inch range. I've yet to use the 20 inch mark on this rod but I hope to soon.  Infinity Rod Creations is an experienced and professional custom rod building company that I trust. Domenic builds works of functional art for the fishing world. You can't go wrong with him if your in the market for a custom rod.

Thanks again, Domenic, I really love the rod and it matches the reel perfect!



Email from Chris Kochenour (Project Bruiser):


Hi DJ,

I just wanted to thank you for the great rod you created for me.  I named the rod "The Bruiser" because she is black and blue all over and I thought she would put a hurting on the trout where I fish.  The only thing hurting worse than the trout are my pal's watching me catch them, a lot of them!  This rod is awesome!  I have owned many top dollar fly rods .and I have to say, every time I put "The Bruiser" together, I am impressed with the way the pieces fit together so smoooooothly.  The finish is perfect, the thread work absolutely beautiful and this rod is really, really light, but it is tough too!  I have pulled some nice fish out of very strong current and had it bent almost in the shape of a "U"!  I am confident that she'll deliver the fish to net every time.  I am so glad I found you, as you gave me excellent and priceless advice on how to best get started float fishing, something a first time, newbie, wannabe pin fisherman like myself so badly needed.  Many thanks!  I will be contacting you in the near future to build me a rod for steel.


Thanks again, Chris


Email from G. Hendrickson (Project Hog Wild): 


Thank you Domenic for the masterpiece named "Hog Wild"!  This weekend was the first chance I had to test the properties of the rod and I went 8 for 9 on steelhead.  The rod reacted beyond my wildest dreams! Hog Wild dominated the fish with a control I have never experienced before. The solid feeling of power and the flex of the blank coupled with the very comfortable handle quickly brought these fish to the net and two of the steelhead were over 10 pounds!  This is the finest rod I have ever fished with and you know I will be a return customer.



Email from JP (RainShadow XST1562-3):


As promised, here is a picture of my 1st steelhead landed on “Excalibur”. The rod handles like a dream, facilitates great drifts with the centerpin & plays the fish with authority. I'm very glad I had it built!!!

Thank you and take care,





Email from Daniel Kroncke (Project "Faithful Service"):



     The rod arrived yesterday which ironically was the same day that my father's retirement papers were finalized with the town. All I can say is WOW!!!! This rod turned out absolutely beautiful. You truly are a master craftsman! My father still has a few days of work left but I could hardly contain showing him the rod. The rod was presented to him tonight by me and my wife. To tell you that he was absolutely floored would be an understatement. This gift was the nicest thing I was ever able to give him and I truly thank you for your dedication (it shows through in your results). Fishing has been our bond throughout my entire life and throughout my father's entire life with his father/brother. Between the two of us we probably own close to 50 fishing rods. None of them compare to this one! It is difficult to put into words how much receiving this rod meant to my father. I'm sorry there were no pictures taken, but the present will always have a place in our history as fishing partners. Many thanks on a job well done!


Daniel Kroncke can expect to hear from me at some point this year for another build!


"I just recently had the opportunity to use the rod and it was great!  My son Dan sent you a picture of the first fish of many to come.  The rod not only looks great, but I love the way it performs. Thanks again for a great build!" -Bob Kroncke


Email from Jim Britt (Project "The SAW Initiative"):


     Well as you are fully aware, the "S.A.W." (The S.A.W. Initiative, Steelhead Assault Weapon) finally got put to the test!  After a couple of double digit days on the Mighty Chagrin, I can now say that this rod is simply awesome. Be it skippers or lunkers, the backbone of this rod is exactly what I would have wished for when putting the brakes on Great Lake's Steelhead.
     The length of the handle is perfect for my style of fighting fish.....I can tuck it under my forearm and against my side and minimize the fatigue that I was accustomed with the factory float rods I previously used.  It allows me to position it perfectly when the fish make their runs or attempt to grab a break in the current seams.  The custom grip is beautiful and fits my hand like a glove.  The ergonomic shape that you custom made to fit my hand positions the rod and float reel in exactly the correct spot to exert force against the fish's fight.   The Matrix XL and The S.A.W. balances out so well that I can fish many tireless hours without even a little fatigue from holding the rod and reel.
Thanks for taking the time to determine what my preferences were when building this unique custom rod. Every time I fish with it, I'm reminded why you asked me so many questions regarding my likes and dislikes before the build began.. I know you take "making sure" that your clients get exactly what they wish for very seriously, and this rod is a prime example of your meticulous pre-work and building pride.

     This was an awesome "gift" that is very much appreciated and I look forward to many more fishing excursions with you in the future.
Thanks Buddy !
Jim (Floatman) Britt
P.S.: Is it too early to start discussing a rod for small trout pinning on our PA trips ? I've started saving up for it!




Email From:  Jeff Yencha




The rod is everything I had hoped for and more.  Fantastic job!  I absolutely love it.  Please consider me a life-long reference!  I'll send you pix of steel after this weekend.





Email from Piotr Rembas:


I really appreciate the amazing work and craftsmanship that you did on my 2 rods.  I couldn't be happier!  I'm very satisfied with the whole experience.  When I catch some Brooklyn fish, I will send you pictures.


Thanks Again,








Review by Amanda Buchanan (Project Pink Princess):


What an amazing rod!!! When Kodey and I started talking to you about this project, I was really excited to get one built for myself.  After seeing how beautiful the rod you built him, I knew mine would be just as good, if not better!
I totally love the pink concept, the wraps and the extra steps you took in making the rod (i.e. the glitter LOL) special for me.  Thank you very much for the perfect rod. I can put it all together and it feels great to fish, but I still need Kodey to put the spawn on!!!

Thank you very much-
Amanda Buchanan




Email From: Steve Harvie


            I just wanted to thank Domenic for a beautiful cork grip for my new float rod.  He is truly first class and a pleasure to do business with. When I first decided to build myself a new float rod I knew that I wanted a unique grip, something a little different from my other rods but not too flashy.  Since I don't have a lathe I started sourcing out my options and that is when I came across Infinity Rod Creations.  A simple email to Domenic started the whole process into motion.


        Domenic was very helpful with suggestions and tips and after several email conversations back and forth he sent me a picture mock up of a grip to ensure my satisfaction.  He was diligent to verify my preferences for shaping and sizing the grip, both length and diameter.  His vast fishing experience and knowledge was quite evident. His workmanship is excellent and the grip was shipped up here to me in a matter of days. I was also very thankful for some words of advice to consider when assembling the grip onto the blank. I am by no means a veteran rod builder and it would have been a real shame for me to improperly assemble this fine piece of cork.


        I could not be more pleased with the finished product and the service received from Domenic.

Hopefully I can send you some action shots for your gallery just as soon as these SW Ontario rivers free up of ice.




Steve Harvie  -  SW Ontario


Review by Kodey Buchanan:


Hey Domenic,


I hope, by our conversation last night, you know how very pleased I am.  I’ll admit, I knew nothing about the components of a rod. You took the time to work with me and take me through the process step by step.  I won’t be able to get out to see it perform for awhile due to the weather….But man, it sure is a beautiful piece of work! You definitely have talent!  Now that I have it, I will never figure out why someone would go out and purchase an assembly line factory rod from the big name companies for $600 and up!

When I first started this adventure, I searched around and was quoted $1000 for a custom rod.  I’m glad I chose to commission a build with you, as I was steered in the correct direction given my needs and admiration for Raven products.  Your services were competitive and  I appreciate the way my order and transaction was handled with extreme care and interest in my ultimate satisfaction..  To put it bluntly, I’ll never buy factory again!  Everybody thought I was crazy for spending what I did but I’ll tell you Domenic it is worth every penny! It'll be a true honor to fish and show this rod off and tell them who made it for me. I will send EVERYONE to you if I’m asked! I’m 200% satisfied!!!

Find me some pink thread so I can get you started on a build for my fiancé this fall/winter!


Thanks again,



Kodey Buchanan




Review by Eric T. (SFFR I & DC FT 1003-4):


         "The guide we were using loved the feel of the rod and complimented your workmanship. He fishes the Loomis 12'4" spinning rods for his clients but loved the flex in the Rainshadow blank. Here's a shot of a buck that put up a great fight this weekend on the Muskegon, and a couple other shots of other fish.  It was super cold, but the fish must have been acclimated because a couple of them even cleared the water! Thanks again for the great rod, it was the perfect big water rod I was looking for."  ~ET






 Review by Kevin Sweeney:


        Domenic, I just want to compliment you on the custom floatrod that you built for me. It's such a nice looking rod that I thought about just hanging it up in my rec room, like a piece of art. I asked for an Irish theme and you came though with flying colors! The first time I took it out I hooked ten steelhead, and I really didn't even know what I was doing. The second time out I landed 17 trout. I'm hooking three times the amount of fish since I started using this floatrod.


Again, thank you, Kevin Sweeney



Review by Jon Geier:


        After some shopping around for a high-end float rod, I discovered that there was always something I didn't like about each of the choices. I started some discussion with Infinity Rod Creations about fishing style and location of water this rod would be used on. I had a basic "concept" of what I was looking for and expressed these idea's to Domenic and we had a few brainstorming sessions on different layouts and looks. My basic thoughts were to have a rod built with some excellent details but with little flash. Domenic highly recommended the Rainshadow 1562F in matte grey for the fishing I was looking to do. Well this rod has had some serious fishing behind it and is still performing exactly as it did when first built. I always get excellent comments on my rod when I'm on the water and highly recommend IRC for a "true custom" experience. ~J. Geier



Email From Mark Bateman:


          Hey Domenic, I received the rod yesterday. Sir, you are a master. My dad about fell over. I will be sure to get a pic of me enjoying it. My dad loves your site and thinks that it is very informative. I will work on dropping a post in a blog that will point to the site. I ordered the reel you recommended. Do you have a recommendation on where I should get a nice tube for it? ~Mark  


Email From: Mike Borger  


          First off, once again awesome bombproof packaging! There's absolutely no way it could have possibly been damaged in transit. I must say, the handle itself looks much better in person! The pictures Dom sent me didn't do it justice at all. Initially I have to admit I was a little leery of having the entire handle built with synthetic cork, as pretty much all of my handles over the years have been built with fluoro grade cork, but it's a really neat look, with a decidedly different feel that I don't mind at all. Overall the craftsmanship is impeccable, and Domenic was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. He's obviously got an artistic eye and many of his suggestions for the handle design were excellent.

Over the years I've had a lot of custom work done by some pretty highly regarded builders, John Collina, Witzke and Phil Ptak among others. Domenic's work compares very favorably with any of those guys with the added plus of much faster service!

I would most definitely recommend Domenic to anyone considering a custom rod, he does fine work!


Regards,  Mike Borger  


Review by Randy Bitner:


     I would like to thank you for taking the time to build my fly rod for me.  I have been nothing but impressed with the way that the entire transaction was handled; from talking about the specs, letting me “test drive” the rod you own with similar specs, to coming over on your time to make adjustments to balance the rod with the reel that I had chosen (props to Sean at F& for use of his reel), down to getting the customized decal on the blank.  I can’t imagine how many times your eyes crossed wrapping the neon chart around the guides – you can see me coming down the path in the dark……..  I about dropped when I set the hook on the first steelhead with that rod, man what a backbone!  I can’t believe the power that the rod has – tossing a tandem rig 50 ft + with hardly any effort, and being able to roll-cast a brick at 35 feet is a major plus.  Great work, and a rod I will treasure and probably take with me when I go... Thanks again Dom.


Thank you, Randy T. Bitner (AKA Da Soulman)


Review by Sau-Chun Lam Project "CHOP, CUT, REBUILD":


Hey there, RodMeister!

The rod was at my doorstep when I got back from work today.  I am VERY impressed by your work! I did not notice the marks where the old guides were. The tip top looks great! The whole setup now looks like a trout ass-kickin' machine! 


THANKS Domenic! I am glad I sent you that float wallet because the work you have done has been worth every penny of it.


I got to thinking, How long before Fall steelhead season opens? One month, two months, three months? LOL!

See you on the stream, somewhere. :-)

SC Lam


Review by Jon Northrop:




I am so impressed! When I decided to purchase this slightly used Forecast 11'6" custom spey rod and you described  it as a little scuffed up, it  was nowhere near my idea of "scuffed up".   I am impressed! This is the best looking rod I have in my arsenal. You've definitely got artistic talent, my friend. I can't wait to use it just so I can send some photos for inclusion on your website..

Thanks for the great rod D!




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