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      Occasionally, a custom rod will become available for sale to the general public at a slightly reduced price.  This might be due to unusual circumstances, a group buy or bulk purchase of components or some other event...regardless of the situation, if finding a good deal on a quality built rod is part of your buying plan...then this is where you'll want to look. 

What is available at this time?



Calvary Assembly of God, Capital Improvement Campaign Charity Float Rod Build

SOLD!!! Crossroads ESL Charity Fundraiser Rod

SOLD!!! Bingham 9' 4pc. 4wt. "Spring Fed Float Rod" Fly to Float Conversion

Sold!!! PacBay RainForest Series II Float Rod, Brand New, & Completely Custom

SOLD!!! CTS Affinity 1363.3 3pc. 6-10# Float Rod

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