The story...


I was approached by a fellow NE Ohio steelheader with an interest in having a switch rod constructed that would compliment/represent his love of fishing and HD motorcycles.  He granted me permission to go wild, but keep on theme.  The original project outline and details were tweaked along the way as my creative juices inspired me to dream up more areas that could be improved upon.  My motivation with each build is to remain focused on the original project goals, attempt to make every rod unique, deliver a high quality and performance based product and "wow" the client upon delivery.   Originally we had planned on black guide wraps, metallic silver trim bands, a woven graphite style reel seat insert, burnt exotic cork switch style grips and a knurled aluminum winding check...  You can see from the photographs that those component plans were morphed from somewhat mild to jaw-dropping wild.  Finally, it was requested that I build the rod in such a way that the it could be used for traditional fly, two handed fly and, with the inclusion of a small fighting butt extension, as a centre-pin drift rod. The fighting but is made from black walnut and includes a pin inlay (supplied by the client).  Photos on the f.butt extension coming soon!


Build Specifications:

Blank:  Batson IF1087-4 Switch rod 8wt.

Reel seat: Custom Acrylic "Fire & Flames" Insert

Stripper Guides:  American Tackle

Running Guides:  American Tackle

Guide Wraps: Gudebrod Metallic HT Copper, Classic Twist Black/Red, No CP

Ferrule Wraps: Same as above or Nylon Gray without CP

Winding Check:  Custom Acrylic "Fire & Flames" Material

Hook keeper: Large Bent Wire

Decals:  Deb Brown, Decal Connection/Southern Graphix, Waterslide Application & Steelhead Decal

Cork:  Burnt Exotic, Checkerboard Burnt/Natural, Turret Pattern in Burnt/Natural.

F.Butt:  2" Removable extension (for conversion to float rod)


The Photos:













Build Review:


It has become challenging to continue to dream up uniquely themed fishing rods for clients that give me the green light to go "Hog Wild".  I've begun to look outside the rod building community for inspiration and creative suggestion and have made investments in new tooling and materials that assist in maintaining my self-imposed high standards and goals as a professional rod builder. 


This rod will be delivered shortly and my hopes are that he will find it as fun to fish as I did building it!



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