The story...


     Several months ago, I was approached by New Jersey native Daniel K. about a rod build in celebration for his Father's retirement.  After 38 years of dedicated service to "The Job", it was time to retire.   In celebration of his retirement, he suggested the parameters of a steelhead float rod.   Father and son seem to find themselves fishing together for steelhead and the perfect gift could only be a custom rod suited toward this activity.  Daniel and I emailed back and forth for several weeks, reviewed his ideas, discussed fishing styles and preferences and I threw a sample of the "design book" at him.  I found working with him on this special endeavor very exciting.  Not only did he contact me well in advance, but giving me complete control to be creative as I wished made for an easy going build that came together smoothly.  He appeared to enjoy my attention to detail as well as the constant build progress updates.  Allowing me ample time to complete the build also permitted me to incorporate some "freebies" into the project as well.  I can't wait to hear from them and see the surprise photographs!


Build Specifications:

Blank:  Batson Enterprises IST1384F 11'6" 2pc. Steelhead/Salmon Blank

Reelseat:  Batson RA8L2 Shiney Gunsmoke Skeleton

Reelseat: Insert: Madagascar / African Ebony

Stripper Guides:  Fuji TYSG Titanium SiC Guides

Running Guides:  Fuji TYSG Titanium SiC Guides

Guide Wraps:  Gudebrod Thread Size "A" W/HT Metallic Pewter Trimband

Ferrule Wraps: Gudebrod Gray Thread Size "A"

Winding Check:  Aluminum Winding Check Knurled

Hookkeeper: Ti Finish Bent Wire Small

Decals:  Deb Brown, Decal Connection/Southern Graphix, Waterslide Application

Cork:  Burnt, Natural, & Copano

F.Butt:  Madagascar / African Ebony W/ Shiney Gunsmoke Cap & Monogrammed Initials

The Photos:



Build Review:

     This build went extremely well.  With the amount of time I was able to spend working on it because the order was placed well in advance, I incorporated, attended to, dare I say even dwelled on certain components and inclusions enough to make them extra special for the customer who had given me full creative license.  Initially, Daniel and I had discussed the use of black walnut for the reelseat insert and f.butt.  The day I was to turn these components for him, the Madagascar ebony fell out of my stockpile and onto my toe! Ouch!  But, I believe the wood wanted a chance to be turned into something special.  I also appreciated Daniel permitting me to utilize the buttcap off the reelseat hardware into the end of the rod and to have it engraved.  The monogramming came out awesome! The use of this wood and the many hues that are involved in it are a perfect match and compliment the overall look of the rod.  It came out exactly as it wanted to, is simply beautiful! , Infinity Rod Creations, All Rights Reserved 2008-09, contact

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