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My Build Commitment

Ordering a custom, handcrafted, and truly unique fishing rod build is an emotional experience filled with possible uncertainty for the first time buyer. My goal is for you to be completely comfortable by involvement. By following an interactive build process, you will be rewarded with a finished float, fly, spey, inland trout or switch rod that is an extension and expression of you and your personal fishing style. There are many places to purchase "cookie-cutter" type fishing poles, however, Infinity Rod Creations is not one of them! Component options include exotic cork grips, wood accents, multi-thread decorative guide wraps, trim bands, butt wraps, wood fighting butts, gold accents, coin and pennant inlays and much more. As the build progresses, you will be kept up-to-date with emails and photographs. The sky is truly the limit and you may literally choose to design a rod as simple or as complex as you wish. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to get your project started. Please note: due to high demand for my services, scheduling well in advance is highly advisable!.

"I hope that you are both inspired and impressed by my handcrafted fishing rods. I can't claim full credit for their creation. My professional experience has been forged through the knowledge and wisdom of many rod-building masters generous enough to share their art with me. Most of all, my clients' imaginations have been the driving force that has kept me busy with crafting new and exciting rods.
Fishing, which was once merely an interesting hobby, has now turned into a full fledge obsession of mine. I've taken it a step further by constructing the tools of the trade. If you can envision it, I can build it. By incorporating combinations of colored natural and burled corks, specialized components and metallurgy, thread art, and exotic wood species, I know I can build you a one of kind float, fly, spey, or switch rod that you will cherish for a lifetime. From an entry level outfit that is superior to any store bought, to the show piece that will compliment your superior skill and experience level; I've got you covered! And because I am not tied to any one manufacturer or brand, I will share an open and unbiased opinion and build the rod that is correct for your needs."

I welcome you to view my rod building portfolio (AKA:  Eye Candy). In it you will find many of the thousands of creative options available when commissioning a handcrafted rod with me. Feel free to ask questions via email.

 Thank you!

Domenic Federico
Infinity Rod Creations
Wickliffe, Ohio


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