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Calvary Assembly of God, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Capital Improvement Campaign



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Email Address:  CAG-CIC@infinityrodcreations.com



     Every other year, Infinity Rod Creations undertakes a custom charity rod build almost always focused on a church oriented, kingdom building mission or endeavor.  Your tax deductible, charity custom rod purchase has benefited missions work in far off areas of the world such as Monini Christian Center of Swaziland, South Africa and as close as places here in the states like last year's recipient- Crossroads Church's ESL of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This year, it couldn't be any closer to home as 100% of the sales will contribute to the capital improvement fund of Calvary Assembly of God, Willoughby Hills, Ohio.  The goal of this campaign is to raise enough funds for a new digital sign to replace the old, less than functional, dated sign located at the front of the building along Chardon Road.  These miniature jumbo-tron LED type signs come at a price and it isn't cheap!  Through prayer and the generosity of His people, God has already made a way!  This is my way of doing our part.

Here's what you need to know:

100% of the purchase price proceeds goe to the CIC-CAG's fund!

You will make payment to Calvary Assembly of God (they accept online donations via their website).

100% of your purchase is 100% tax deductible!

IRC has donated the components, the time, the labor, and will cover the shipping/handling/insurance and delivery signature receipt costs!



     I have a minimum that I'd like to achieve from the sale of this custom rod.  As you can see by the component list and by inspecting the photos, this custom rod has been built with the usual passion and attention to detail.  From the custom guide wraps, decal, and cork to the titanium components and balancing system, I've built this with you (the fisherperson) in mind.  I am 100% confident that you'll love the way it performs, fights fish and garners attention streamside.  You'll also have the satisfaction of participating in an event that has positioned you to be part of the Great Commission...to become fishers of men as He has commanded us to be.  Thank you ahead of time for your humility, yielding to His call and your generosity!  In past fundraising attempts, builds have always sold for more than what I could have every hoped (that's God's will at work)!  So, I ask that you send me an offer (as placed on your heart) and we'll go from there. 


Thank you,                                                            

   Dj @ IRC                                                                                              



Build Specifications:

Blank: Batson MHX ST1562-MHX 13', 2pc. 4-8# Float Rod

Reelseat: Batson ALPS TiCH Tri Aluminum

Stripper Guides:  AMTACK Titan Titanium Framed Spinning Guides (Size 20-8)

Running Guides:  Batson ALPS Single Foot Titanium Framed Fly Guides (Size 8)

TipTop:  Fuji TFAT Titanium Framed Tip Top (Size 8)

Guide Wraps:  Blue Dunn Nylon, Bronze & Steel Metallic

Winding Check: Batson Dimpled TiCH Aluminum

Hookkeeper: Kegan TiCH

Decals: Golden Touch Custom Blue / Chrome MHX Decal

Fore Grip: 7.125" Reverse Half Wells, Flor/Extra AAA Select Natural, Blue Burl and River Wave Burl Cork

Aft Grip: 8.25" Tapered Cylinder,  Flor/Extra AAA Select Natural, Blue Burl and River Wave Burl Cork (total length with fighting butt = 10.5")

F.Butt: HD TiCH Aluminum

Special Inclusions:  IRC Custom Balancing System.  Adjustable from .8 ounces to just under 3 ounces at the very end of the rod!




Special information regarding the balancing system included on this rod:

The completed float rod weighs in at just over 8.5 ounces!  Yes, you read that correctly, 8.5 ounces!   IRC's custom balancing system puts incremental weight at the perfect location for achieving the balance you desire.


Fighting Butt (without any plates):  .88 ounces 


Slim plate:  +.70 ounces

Thick plate:  +1.40 ounces

Add both:  +2.10 ounces


Max weight with fighting butt:  2.98 ounces!


Adjustments are held in place by an included stainless steel allen head screw. 

The Photos:










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