Design Specifications:

  • Blank:  Batson Enterprises IF1085-4, 10'8", 4pc., 5wt. Switch Rod Blank

  • Reel Seat:  Batson RA8L2 GWG

  • Guides:  PVD TiCh W/Hard Aluminum Oxide Ring

  • Hook keeper:  Folding Shiney Gunsmoke

  • Cork:  Custom, Andy Dear, Lamar Fishing Exotics

  • Butt Sections:  Interchangeable/removeable  2" F.butt and 7" F.butt, used separately or together!

Use & Versatility:

  • Traditional Fly

  • Two Handed Fly

  • Centre-pin / Float




After having the opportunity to fish the IF1088-4 for a few drifts, It became quite clear that Batson Enterprises had done their homework and produced an extremely nice blank with a smooth casting action.  The combination of RX6, RX7, & RX8 graphite modulus sections in the new RX7 Switch Rods had me thinking about building a true switch rod.  One that would handle traditional single and two handed fly cast as well pull double duty as a centre-pin / float rod.


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