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This rod was featured in RodMaker Magazine, Volume 14 - Issue 6. 

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The story...


     Building for returning clients is always fun!  I count my repeat clientele as some of the greatest people!  They are completely familiar with the IRC build process, they have realistic time frame expectations,  they permit a certain degree of creative latitude, they know and trust my artistic judgment and they (most of the time) come armed with a certain degree of patience.  Especially when I take a build profile "off the range" and clad it with upgrades galore. 


     This build and this client are no exception.  Having built many rods for this particular gentleman, He and I knew what to expect from start to finish.  This build came to me with several notations and build suggestions of which I reviewed and took to heart.  I could see the intended direction and vision and just needed to amp the parameters up a bit.  I was given ample time to accomplish the outcome which was a huge benefit as, along the way, we brainstormed together.  I'm thankful, because the end result was well worth the time invested.  As many new ideas were introduced and revised along the way, it would have been impossible to produce this rod inside of an abbreviated schedule.  In the photos below, I've attempting to give you a very close, unobstructed view of just about every wrap on the rod. The plan was to begin with a certain wrap theme and evolve it to another as the guides spanned from the grip end to the tip end of the blank. We started with steel metallic banding (a 1/3/1 turn motif) for the Winston Rod Co. decal and then moved to the more decorative olive branch wrap buried within the same metallic banding (this time with 1/1/3 turns) bordering the description decal. That theme was transferred up to the stripper guide wraps and the length shrunk and turns reduced as the guides and blank OD became smaller. Then, using the same nylon green, NCP black and steel metallic thread, I came up with the "transitional wrap" that continued through the tip. The amount of green/black windings were reduced as the blank OD became smaller and we approached the tip as well. The client was blown away by the look as I, once again, deviated from the original design plan (with his full permission, of course) and "did my thang!" Please disregard the dust. It is ON the surface and not IN the surface!  Of all the fishing rods that I've had the pleasure of building over the years, I believe that this one ranks as one of the top three.  I hope you agree!

Build Specifications:

Blank:  Winston BIIx, 12'6" 4pc. 6/7wt.

Reelseat:  Struble Titanium

Reelseat Insert: Stabilized, Double Dyed, Big Leaf Maple in Forest Green/Gold

Stripper Guides:  Fuji

Running Guides:  Fuji

Guide Wraps:  Green Nylon, NCP Black, Steel Blue Metallic

Ferrule Wraps: Same

Winding Check:  Stabilized, Double Dyed, Big Leaf Maple in Forest Green/Gold

Hookkeeper:  Fuji

Decals:  Decal Connection

Cork: Custom Natural, Burnt, Green Burl, Rubberized

F.Butt: Custom Stabilized Big Leaf Maple & Rubberized Burl Cork

Special Inclusions:  Olive branch wrap, Winston Decal Hook keeper Wrap, Transitioned Wrapping

The Photos:






Build Review:


  It happened all over again...completing this rod and having to send it off to its new home hurt!




With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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