"In matters of style, swim with the current;  In matters of principle, stand like a rock!"

- Thomas Jefferson

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The story...


Jason D., a West Virginia native, was interested in a custom rod that could serve dual roles when he contacted IRC.  First and foremost as a high performance, light and packable float rod, but in the event he wished to throw flies...could easily be converted to flicking them out to surface feeders.  We spoke about the waters he tends to fish, what his experience level was with both fly fishing and the centre-pin float rod angling and I formulated a build that would supply the results he was suggesting.  The guide selection ended up being my second alternative, but one that I know Jason will enjoy using in both capacities.  I spruced up a stock 20" cork sliding ring reel seat with a bit of rubberized cork, burnt and rings that are normally used to construct checkerboards.  It was just enough to make it unique, but not crazy over the top (in looks or expense).   A brown trout was added and the wraps went from the requested simple nylon brown to brown with a few bars of black accent banding. 



 It is almost impossible to rid the rods of it this time of the year with static cling and foot of snow. 

Especially after I've waxed and buffed them just prior to shipping.



Build Specifications:

Blank:  Private Label 11' 3pc. 3/4wt. Merlot Red

Reelseat:  Partially Customized 20" Tennessee Sliding Ring

Stripper Guides:  Double Foot HF Casting

Running Guides:  Single Foot Fly

Guide Wraps:  Nylon Brown w/Black Accents

Ferrule Wraps:  Nylon Brown

Winding Check: Rubber

Hookkeeper:  BlackLooped

Decals:  Trout & IRC

Cork: Burnt, Rubberized, Rubberized Burl & Partial Checkerboard Rings

F.Butt:  Rubberized Natural Burl

The Photos:





Build Review:


West Virginia is my second favorite place to fish besides Pennsylvania's national forests, so I can't wait for the fish catching photos and scenery shots that I'm making Jason promise to send me!  This blank and style of rod is one of my favorites and I know that he'll enjoy the way it fishes.



With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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