"No one has ever commented while lying on their death bed

that they wished they would have worked more!  Maybe it's time to find

something you love to do that you don't consider work."

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The story...


     I was contacted by V.K. and commissioned to build an additional set of twin float rods to his specifications on discontinued Sage blanks.  These builds went smoothly and I was given permission to try something new.  The diamond inlay jig makes for some awesome looking grips.  I see that facet of the design being incorporated often in future builds.  I enjoy the variety that it'll open up as the tooling is quite versatile and will present new possibilities for my clients.


Build Specifications:

Blank:  Sage GIISH 4106 LLB & GSH 2106 LB

ReelseaSkeletont:  Batson

Reelseat Insert: Custom Turned Stabilized & Figured Burls

Stripper Guides:  Batson Titanium Spinning

Running Guides:  Batson Titanium Fly

Guide Wraps:  Bronze Metallic, Sandstone NCP, Dark Green Nylon

Winding Check: Custom Turned Stabilized & Figured Burls

Hookkeeper:  Black Bent Wire

Decals:  Golden Touch Decals, Charles Armontrout

Cork: Custom Turned, Smokey Burl, Burnt, Flor Natural, Rubberized Burl, Diamond Inlays

F.Butt:  Custom Turned, Rubberized Burl, Stabilized & Figured Burled Wood, Engraved Aluminum Buttcap

The Photos:






Build Review:


I have fun building these discontinued and highly desirable Sage float rod blanks.  These two additions bring V.K.'s arsenal to a total to five IRC float rods, talk about a dedicated client!  I really appreciate his business and the trust he has placed in my abilities!




With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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