The story...


I was contacted by returning client Kodey to build an economical, but high performance steelhead float rod as a gift for  his soon to be wife Amanda.  We explored some of the component options and blanks that would best suit her needs and the budget  via email as is the usual procedure.  I was granted full creative license to create something special for his fiancé.  His only controlling stipulation was it had to have a generous amount of pink included.  The project was reserved a place in my build planner and consequently I had a few weeks to  ponder the ideas that would make this rod unique, but tasteful.  The build begin date arrived and within a couple weeks of starting,  I was able to construct a fishing rod that totally screams "Pink", "Girlie Rod", and uniqueness.  Please review the photographs below and see for yourself!


Build Specifications:

Blank:  RainShadow IST1562F Steelhead Float Rod

Reelseat & Cork: Tennessee Style w/Pink Foam Trimbanding

Stripper Guides:  Fuji BYAG

Running Guides:  Fuji BYAG

Guide Wraps:  Pink w/Pink Glitter

Ferrule Wraps: Pink w/Pink Glitter

Winding Check:  Rubber

Hookkeeper:  Large Bent Wire

Decals:  Deb Brown, Decal Connection/Southern Graphix, Waterslide Application

F.Butt:  Rubberized Burl Rings Shaped to Match Natural Cork


The Photos:




Build Review:


I found this project a refreshing departure from the usual rods I'm commissioned to build.  Not only was this the first time that I used the color pink on a client's rod (at least on purpose! LOL!), but also the first use of glitter within guide wraps.  Because of the glitter's use, additional layers of guide coat epoxy needed to be applied over top.  In the area of the decal, I was forced to use a fine jeweler's file to make the area flat enough for its application. 


Upon final inspection and in direct sunlight, the guide wraps sparkled a multitude of colors including the color pink.  I couldn't help but think that she is going to love the way this rod looks and fishes.  I await a detailed report including photographs as confirmation from her soon.



With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....


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