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The story...


Returning client T.R. wanted something special in the skagit spey category.  Something that would match or surpass the creativity that was shown with the custom CTS float rod I built for him a year earlier.  He specified top of the line and gave ample time for the magic to happen.  I truly enjoyed building this rod and I'm fairly sure that T.R. will be pleased with the results!



Build Specifications:

Blank:  CTS 13'6" 4pc. Skagit Spey (Jet Black)

Reelseat:  Batson

Reelseat Insert: Custom Turned Stabilized

Stripper Guides:  Titanium AMTACK

Running Guides:  Titanium AMTACK

Guide Wraps:  Blue Nylon, Metallic Blue Chrome, Black Nylon

Ferrule Wraps:  Black Nylon

Winding Check: Custom Turned Stabilized

Hookkeeper:  Bent Wire TiCh

Decals:  IRC/CTS

Cork: Natural, Burnt, Smoked, Dark Mixed, and Rubberized

F.Butt:  Custom Turned Stabilized Burl w/Rubberized Burl Buttcap

The Photos:







With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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