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The story...


I was contacted via the website by a very nice Canadian gentleman to build a CTS Affinity 15' float rod.  He specified a stealth look to the rod's wraps, but a truly unique and custom handle/reelseat assembly.  The entire process went very smoothly (except one hiccup) as we covered all the bases and I double checked a few nuances of certain areas.  Once it was finalized, the build got underway.  And, thanks to Tony, near disaster was averted when it was noticed that I had flipped the fore and aft grips in the preliminary photos.  He asked, "You know that I want the foregrip to be longer, right?!"  Ummm, sure I do Tony!  Truthfully, I had forgotten of the "Canadian Flip" that I refer to as the "BC Style Float Grip" and was very thankful that he posed the question.  I strive to be perfect, but realistically...it is always going to be something to be driven toward achieving and never ultimately reached.  This could have been a very time consuming and costly mistake that I'm grateful never occurred!  So, moving on, back to the handle--- As the handle was completed and Tony OK'd the photos, I came across a new method of guide wrapping called the "olive branch" and was impressed by its elegance.  I shot an email out with several photos attached and asked if he would be agreeable to amping up the look of the guidewraps from stealth to what I would consider decked out?  This was my first attempt and the possibilities that this new style of trimbanding affords are endless.  My next three builds lined-up will all involve this style of wrap in varied arrays and configurations.  I can't wait to see how they come out.  If this wrap is any indication, the customers should be as impressed as I am.  


Build Specifications:

Blank: CTS Affinity FF1503-3 Float Rod, (Jet Black)

Reelseat Hardware:  Batson RA8.5L2, Black Anodized

Reelseat Insert: Custom Turned:  Stabilized, Spalted, Black Ash Burl

Stripper Guides:  Amtack Titans

Running Guides:  Jann's Flexi-Lite Spinning TiCh

Guide Wraps:  Black NCP, Metallic Chrome, Tan NCP

Ferrule Wraps: Black NCP

Winding Check:  Custom Turned:  Stabilized, Spalted, Black Ash Burl

Hookkeeper:  Looped Wire

Decals:  Decal Connection

Cork: Flor Grade Natural, Burnt Exotic, Rubberized Burl, Dark Mixed

F.Butt: Custom Turned, Stablilized, Spalted, Black Ash Burl

Special Inclusions:  Butt Cap Engraved with Client's Initials


The Photos:



Build Review:


This rod is sharp!  The choice to use titanium guides and flexi lites for the tip section and burled wood, rubberized cork and 8.5 reelseat hardware balances the rod out extremely well.  I can't wait to hear the reaction of the client once it is received. 



With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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