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- Thomas Jefferson

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  The goal is light for Monini Christian Center pastored by Samuel Dlamini in Swaziland, South Africa.  This freshly planted church, still under construction, is located within a desperately poor neighborhood populated by a high number of orphans and unemployed adults.  Never heard of Swaziland?  Click HERE to find out more.  This rod has been sold!  Thank you S.B.!


Build Specifications:

Blank:  MHX ST1563-3 13' 3pc. 6-12# Float Rod

Reelseat:  Custom Tennessee Style Sliding Rings

Stripper Guides:  PacBay Minima's

Running Guides:  TiCh Flexi-Lites

Guide Wraps:  Black Metallic W/Gold Trimbands (except last 2 & Tiptop- Gold w/Black Metallic Trimbands)

Ferrule Wrap:  Charcoal Grey Nylon W/MHX Factory Decal

Winding Check: Black Knurled Aluminum

Hookkeeper:  Black Kegan

Decals:  Factory

Cork: Burnt, Natural, Rubberized and Speckled Burl, Sunrise Cork Pattern

F.Butt:  PBay HD Black Anodized

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With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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