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Crossroads ESL Fundraiser Build

E.K.'s Batson XST1382F

N.D.'s CTS Affinity 1403.3 Floatrod

D.M.'s CTS Compound Motion 1405-2

K.A.'s Batson XST Floatrod

C.R.'s Signature Elite Sage

M.R.'s CTS 13' 3pc. 6-10# Centre-pin Float Rod

M.G.'s Batson RainShadow RX8 XST 1563-4 Float Rod

D.T.'s CTS 13' 2pc. Float Rod"

The Dominator" MHX ST1563-3 Float Rod

"TYEE Special", Pacific NW Salmon / Steelhead Float Rod

Mike Sola's CTS Affinity Signature Float Rod

SOLD:  Wild Thang! PacBay RainForest II Float Rod

Courtney's Dream Batson XST1562F Float Rod

SOLD  Affinity CTS 1363.3 Float Rod

Chop, Cut & Rebuild II

RL's CTS Affinity Float Rod

SOLD  PacBay RainForest II Float Rod

CTS Triple Thread Part II

Float and Fly Rod St. Croix SCV Legend Elite

Raven RPX 13'6" 3pc. 4-12# Steelhead Float Rod

Lamiglas XSH156-3L Steelhead Rod

Kjell's CTS Trio

CC's 12' 4pc Fly To Float Conversion

CTS Triple Threat

Swaziland Fundraiser Float Rod MHX ST1563-3

JA's Custom CTS Affinity 1363-3 Float Rod

Sage 4106LLB & 3113MB Centre-Pin Float Rods, "Fraternal Twins - Round III"

MManzo's CTS 11'6" 2pc. Steelhead Float Rod

Sage GSH Centre-pin Float Rods, "Fraternal Twins - Round II"

Re-Grip of an Adored Sage CP Float Rod

Somsanith's 11' 6/7wt. 3pc. float conversion

CTS Affinity 1364-3 "Endless Pursuit"

Sage GSH 3113lb

CTS Elite 904.3 Baitcaster - "The Taimen Tamer"

Batson XST1383F Float Rod - A Very Special Build

Batson XST 1562-3 Holiday Special

CTS Affinity FF1364-3 Float Rod

CTS FF1503-3 "Chrome Slayer"

CTS FF1364-3 "Caramel-Peanut Swirl"

Sage 3113MB & LB "Fraternal Float Twins"

CTS Custom Ordered 13'6" 2pc. Float Rod

Batson IST1562F "Blue Fury" Float Rod

Winston BIIx 12'6" 4pc. Float Conversion

CTS Affinity FF1503-3 15' 3pc 4-8# Float Rod

CTS Affinity 11'6" 2pc. 4-8#

Salmon River Special Batson XST1382F

Project Excelsa, Batson XST1363F

"Candy Apple Custom"

"Infinite Domination"


"S.A.W. II - Dj's Revenge"

"Faithful Service"

"Mean Green II"

Z-Axis Float Conversion

Twin Sage 4120-B's

Browning Steelhead Rod Resurrection

Twin HBE Split Grips

"Frontier - X"

"Pink Princess"

"Chop, Cut & Rebuild"

SFFR - III DC Edition

SFFR - "Big Boo"

"Switchrod Evolution"

"Hog Wild"

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