"In a world overflowing with status quo, there are but only a few

who pursue excellence as a matter of principle."

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     Remaining cutting edge and creative is sometimes a difficult and challenging task.  Leisure and sport fishing is extremely old and this industry (custom rod building) is quite large although feeling tight knit.  Many have chosen the profession and through experience have become proficient experts in the field.  Through years of trial and error, hard work and dedication, these masters have contributed ideas and principles that are now considered the standard by which rods are to be built.  In short, coming up with new and innovated ideas becomes harder as time elapses.  Most of them have already been thought up!  The competition among true professional builders (not to mention amateur hobbyists posing as professionals) is fierce.  And, as frustrating as it may be, many "competitors" choose to mimic rather than forge their own path and remain unique, ultimately leading to consumer confusion and purchase dissatisfaction.


     With that said,  you have my commitment:

  • To continue to produce custom and handcrafted fishing rods using build practices that either meet or exceed the industry's standards

  • To continue to dream up and implement new ideas from  "outside the box" in an effort to offer the very best built rods that perform flawlessly

     This commitment has been proven with I.R.C.'s Spring Fed Float Rod Series (using multi-pc. fly blanks for float applications) and with multi-functional "switch rods" (float, fly, spinning, centrepin and light spey all-in-one). Through years of experimentation and countless builds,  I've carved out a niche.  My positive reputation is based on delivering on this commitment now and into the future.  You have my word that this will always be I.R.C.'s controlling purpose and my personal goal!


     I.R.C. is rolling out a new category of fishing rods to the website.  These particular rods will fall under the "Signature Builds" moniker.  Fishing rods that stand out in complexity and uniqueness will be found in this area with a short description of their components.  Not all the builds that are shipped from the shop are as involved; I still build stealth (simple, but high performance none-the-less) rods that function extremely well, but these rods qualify as "Signature Builds" because they are a cut above the rest in design and appearance.  With that said, the fishing rods featured in this section are (in my opinion) the very best of the best that I.R.C. has to offer you as a potential client.  Enjoy! 


Infinity Rod Creations



Congratulations to the limited few who have builds considered:   "Signatures : Elite" Build!


C.R.'s Sage CT3113MB


Congratulations to the select few who have fishing rods that qualify as "Signatures Builds"!


Sau-Chun Lam's Winston BIIx Float Conversion


S. Xiong's CTS Affinity 1503-3 Float Rod


Tony R.'s CTS Skagit 13'6" Spey Rod


Dale W.'s Batson XST1562F Float Rod


Mike Sola's CTS 1363-3 Float Rod


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