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The story...


     The Sage blanks tend to be quite popular.  Those that have owned them seem to love them with passion.  I have, of course, no problem building upon client supplied blanks.  My goal has always been to supply reality to what has been dreamt.  I hope this one becomes a dream come true for this NJ client!


Build Specifications:

Blank: Sage GSH 3113LB

Reelseat:  Custom 21" Tennessee style, Burnt, Rubberized, Natural and Dark Mix Cork

Stripper Guides & Running Guides:  Fuji

Guide Wraps:  Copper, Black and Gold Metallic

Ferrule Wraps: None - don't need them on Sage (they're prewrapped by the factory)

Winding Check: Rubber

Hookkeeper:  Looped Wire

Decals:  Factory (OEM)

F.Butt:  Rubberized Burl 

Special Inclusions: Salmo Trutta Brown Trout Coin


The Photos:






With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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