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- Thomas Jefferson

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The story...


Returning Pennsylvania client, X.X., contacted IRC to install a new grip on a cherished Sage CP Float rod.  Ordinarily, I reserve the "rod build write up page" for full scale builds, but in this case...I want to be sure that visitors to the website realize that if they have a favorite fishing rod that needs new guides, new grips, a reelseat repositioned, etc...IRC is capable of making the changes.  It isn't unusual for us to work on brand new float rods (from well known industry BIG NAMES) and change up the sometimes pathetic guide choices, guide spacing and/or handle configuration on an otherwise awesome blank to suite the needs of the user.


In this case, the fixed reelseat, cork and handle array didn't agree with the client.  So I was asked to strip from the winding check to the end of the blank and re-grip it with a custom Tennessee sliding ring style of seat/handle assembly.  NO PROBLEM!    I used 18" of extra select natural, burnt, brown composite and rubberized burl cork for the grip and 1.5" of amboyna burl glued to 1/2" rubberized burl for the fighting butt.  Below is the result of a few hours labor, cork creativity, amboyna burl wood turning and U40 cork seal.


The Photos:



With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....






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