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Capital Improvement Fundraiser Build, MHX 13' 2pc. 4-8# Centre-pin Steelhead Float Rod, Click Here!

COMING SOON... performance custom "production" rods, Trout Menace Rods, targeting inland trout up to salmonoid species.

Newest Edition to the SFFR series, "The Elite Traveler" headed to SW PA Trout Waters Click Here!

CrossRoads ESL Fundraiser:  Batson XST Float Rod  SOLD!!!...Click Here!

E.K.'s Batson XST 1382F Float Rod Click Here!

N.D.'s CTS Affinity 14' 3pc. Golden Brown Float Rod Click Here!

M.L.'s 11' 4pc ARE SFFR Inland Trout Rod Click Here!

D.M.'s CTS 14' 2pc Spinning Rod Click Here!

K.A.'s Batson XST Float Rod Click Here!

C.R.'s Signature : Elite Sage Float Rod Build Click Here!

M.R.'s CTS Affinity 13' 3pc. Centre-pin Float Rod Click Here!

B.Sholtis 10'8" 4pc 7wt. Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Rod Click Here!

M.G.'s Batson RainShadow XST RX8 1563-4 Float Rod Click Here!

D.T.'s 13' 2pc. CTS Affinity Float Rod Click Here!

Sold!!!  Bingham 9' 4pc. 4wt. Spring Fed Float Rod  Click Here!

A MHX 1563-3 Float Rod Headed To Washington State, Click Here info on the DOMINATOR!

DM's Pacific NW Steelhead and Salmon Rod, The Tyee Special, Click Here!

M.Sola's Signature CTS Click Here!

Wild Thang!  Click Here!   SOLD!!!

D.W.'s Courtney's Dream Batson XST1562F Float Rod Click Here!

Proof Fly Fishing's Aurora 9' 4pc. 4/5wt. Fly Rod Click Here!

Sold!!!:  CTS Affinity 1363.3 Float Rod Click Here!

Chop, Cut, & Rebuild II Click Here for a high performance sport tuned G.Loomis STR1562.2

RL's CTS 1363.3 Float Rod Click Here

Sold!!!:  PacBay RainForest II Series Float Rod, 13' 3pc Light Action CLICK HERE!

"The Fishing Pole",  3pc, 2 tip, Ultra Light Spinning Rod, Camouflage Galore, Click Here!

CTS Trio Part II -  Click Here

Another Satisfied Client, Check out the Testimonial & Smallmouth Pics Here!

St. Croix SCV Legend Elite Float and Fly Rod

Raven RPX Float Rod headed to NJ, Click Here!

Lamiglas XSH156-3L headed to New York, Click Here!

Another Trio of CTS Performance Rods Click Here!

CC's ARE 12' 7/8 Wt. Fly to Float Conversion, Click Here!

TR's CTS Skagit Spey, See it HERE!

WVA. SFFR,  Packable Fly to Float Conversion Rod Click Here!

CTS Triple Threat Float Rods, Click Here!

Bringing LIGHT into the darkness, Swaziland AG Fundraiser, Click Here!

JA's CTS Affinity Float Rod - Online Here

The Ultimate Inland Trout Switch / Pack Rod - See it here!

Sage 4106 and 3113 CP Fraternal Float Rods - Round III Photos Here!

MManzo's CTS 11'6" 2pc Steelhead CP Float Rod, Click Here!

Help return the Arctic Snow Monkey to his native habitat:  Info Here!

Fraternal Twins Round II:  (2)Sage GSH CP Float Rods, Photos Here!

Next Up, (2) Sage GSH CP Float Rods & Completion of the 1088-4 Charity Raffle Switch Rod.

Somsanith's 11' 6/7wt. 3pc. Float Conversion:  Photos Here!

A Sage CP Float Rod Strip & Re-Grip:  Photos Here!

Testimonial Added, "Endless Pursuit" CTS Float Rod receives praise:  Read it here!

Project "Endless Pursuit", CTS1364.3 Float Rod ONLINE!

Sage GSH3113lb headed to NJ, Photos Online!

CTS Elite 904.3 Baitcaster,  "The Taimen Tamer"

"Red Steel", 11' 4/5wt. Fly Blank to Float Conversion Online!

Review Coming Soon:  Batson's Titanium ALPS Guide Set (Spinning and Fly).

Batson XST1383F Float Rod, Custom Built for the One and Only:  Karry Batson!

Another satisfied customer, Andy K from NY added to the testimonial page of IRC. Read it here!

Two satisfied Batson XST client testimonial w/photos Click Here

Just Arrived: Batson's new  Titanium Alps Spin Guides & A very special rod build.  More info coming!

Batson XST SOLD!.. Just in time for the holidays!  Photos!

CTS Affinity FF1364-3 Float Rod Completed.  Photos Online!

"Chrome Slayer's" Owner sends in a testimonial.  Read it here!

Finishing up the CTS Affinity (Photos coming Soon), Starting an Batson XST.

On the bench, CTS Affinity FF1364-3 in Chameleon Gold/Green.  Info. coming soon!

CTS Affinity FF1503-3 "Chrome Slayer" Online!

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