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The story...


Returning Customer R.H.  contacted me to build him a multi-pc. steelhead rod.  He relayed his satisfaction surrounding his experiences of fighting steelhead on the 3wt. that I had built for him for the little natives and stockers and I stressed the importance of a stronger blank to improve the speed of landing fish (and to save the poor little 3wt. blank!).  Together we chose an 11' 4/5wt. 4pc. blank that can handle up to 6wt. line.  I converted it from there over to a full time centre-pin drift machine.  The wraps were done more on the simplistic side of the spectrum, but a decorative butt wrap was included to make the rod uniquely special.  I deviated slightly from the build parameters with the inclusion of the colored cork fighting butt and the dressing up of the butt weave to a slightly more involved level of thread work than was originally specified.



Build Specifications:

Blank: Private Label 11' 4/5wt 4pc.

Reelseat:  20" Tennessee

Reelseat Insert: N/A

Stripper Guides:  Flexi-Lites

Running Guides:  Flexi-Lites

Guide Wraps:  Red Metallic / Black Metallic

Ferrule Wraps: Same As Above

Winding Check: Anodized Red Swooped

Hookkeeper:  Looped

Decals:  Decal Connection & Rainbow Trout

Cork: Natural

F.Butt:  Red Rubberized & Burnt

Special Inclusions: Butt Wrap


The Photos:





With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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