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The story...


     F.M. was referred to IRC through a well known fishing blank and component manufacturer.  Although seeming extremely busy with many of life's curve balls and work, he was able to tell me enough of what he was looking for in a custom rod build and why for me to formulate a build profile to follow.  He then gave me a free pass to take his suggestions and build him something special.  The controlling purpose originally was "stealth", but when I presented a few alternatives, as in the snazzy cork layout I mocked up for the grip, I got the "green light".  It all came together when he notified me of the project name of "The River Ninja".  I thought, "Yep...that fits perfectly!" 


*** Please note:  Dust in photographs (I know if looks awful) is on the finish and not "in" the finish! ***


Build Specifications:

Blank:  Batson XST1562 -3 TC

Reelseat:  Batson RA8.5L2

Reelseat Insert: Custom

Stripper Guides:  Fuji TYSG's

Running Guides:  Flexi-Lites

Guide Wraps:  Gudebrod HT Metallic Black, HT Metallic Chrome, ProWrap Metallic Red

Ferrule Wraps: Gudebrod Nylon Charcoal Grey

Winding Check: Knurled Aluminum (Painted Black)

Hookkeeper:  Bent Wire

Decals:  Decal Connection

Cork: Custom

F.Butt:  PBay HD Aluminum

Special Inclusions: Single Turn of ProWrap Red Metallic to complete the "Ninja" theme

The Photos:





With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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