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- Pat Riley

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The story...


     Karry Batson presented me with a request for a custom rod and I jumped on the chance to answer it.  This opportunity was truly an honor.  To build for a manufacturer that has supported me, my business and charitable outreach endeavors over the years is a great pleasure.  As you can see, I tried to be original with my designs and uniquely custom without getting crazy.  I'll admit the decal area is a bit "billboard-ish", but it works.  Besides the excitement of the build, I was anxious to receive a special gift along with the components.   Carefully packaged within the tube from Batson, was a shiny new set of recently introduced Alp's titanium guides in both the spinning and fly style configurations.  I can't wait to put them to the test!  Look for the rod and new guides in the Batson booth at the International Custom Rod Building Exposition being held in Winston-Salem, NC on February 23rd and 24th, 2013.


Build Specifications:

Blank: Batson XST1383F

Reelseat:  Alps Centra-Lock Cobalt Blue

Reelseat Insert: N/A

Stripper Guides:  Alps Titanium Spinning

Running Guides:  Alps Titanium Fly

Guide Wraps:  HT Metallic Black, Blue and Sandstone NCP

Ferrule Wraps: Nylon Charcoal

Winding Check: Alps Aluminum Cobalt Blue

Hookkeeper:  Alps Drop Shot

Decals:  Custom - Decal Connection, Steelhead, IRC, Rod Specifications

Cork: Custom Natural, Burnt, Blue Burl, Speckled Rubberized Burl

F.Butt:  Alps Weighted Triangular Fighting Butt Cobalt Blue

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With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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