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The story...


Returning customer, for the umpteenth time, Kjell Bagge wanted two more custom CTS rods.  One would be a fly rod and the other a shorter 2pc. float rod.  He was meticulous with his wants, making sure that each build had a check list of component choices and he also took the time to provide me with a line drawing on graph paper of both grips shapes.  He then gave me strict instructions on what he wanted, what he didn't want and finally said, "Do your thing!" 


Well, here's the proof of me doing just that!  I am a firm believer that Kjell's a firm believer that a man can never have too many fishing implements.  With as many rod's as I've built for Kjell, I think the fact is obvious;  This guy likes to fish! (Either that or he likes collecting IRC Customs builds! LOL!)



Build Specifications:

Blank:  CTS  11'6" 2pc. Float & 9' 4pc. 5wt. Fly

Reel seat:  Pacbay A10 (both gold and black anodized used) & Struble U-24

Reel seat Insert: Custom Cork on the Fly rod's

Stripper Guides:  Flexi-Lites & PacBay TiCh

Running Guides:  Same as above

Guide Wraps:  Gudebrod Metallic & Nylon Thread

Ferrule Wraps: Same as above

Winding Check:  Mudhole Swooped Gold Anodized & Arcane's WCK

Hook keeper:  Large Bent Wire and Small Bent Wire TiCh

Decals:  Decal Connection

Cork: Flor Grade Natural, Burnt Exotic, Rubberized Burl

F.Butt: Walnut - Custom

Special Inclusions:  Glue Dye on the fly rod's 1/8" sliced cork grip to simulate rattan look

The Photos:





Additional photos of the fly rod coming soon!






Build Review:


Build Review:


These were fun builds.  Getting a chance to use the glue dye and creating a rattan looking fly grip was interesting.  The CTS blanks are impressive, the colors outstanding however perplexing.  Creating a good match between the blank and the threads was a bit of a challenge as there are many colors within the CTS blanks.  As soon as the light changes angle, so does the color.  From green, to gold metallic, to brown to an almost merlot red color...they're almost chameleon like! 




With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....



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