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The story...


     All too often we fall in love with the action and feel of a particular make, model and/or blank but yearn for something a little less "off the shelf" and a bit more "custom".  Enter the GLX series from G.Loomis.  Tweaking these rods, whether it is simply a regrip or complete head to toe rebuild has become something that I'm finding myself do quite a bit.


     In this rod's case, it was requested that I do my thing with complete custom cork work, attach a fighting butt for better balance, add a hookkeeper (ever wonder why the factory doesn't?), and install the appropriate amount of guides.   The wrapping incorporated colors from the client's Frogwater centre-pin reel. 



Build Specifications:

Blank: G.Loomis STR1562-2

Reelseat:  GSR sliding rings

Stripper Guides:  Jann's Flex-Lites

Running Guides:  Jann's Flex-Lites

Guide Wraps:  Black Metallic, Orange NCP, Fire-Copper Metallic

Hookkeeper:  Bent Wire

Cork:  Burnt, Smoked, Rubberized Burl, Natural, and Wave Burl

F.Butt: Blank Anodized Aluminum

The Photos:









Build Review:


This was a great challenge which took quite a bit of patience to pull off correctly.  I was happy that the decal and winding check area survived completely intact and mated up to the new grip like it was always there.  Installing the correct amount of guides (the factory had only 10 total on a 13' long rod!) and the fighting butt truly enhanced the action of this rod.  The client is really going to appreciate the performance "tuning" that these upgrades have created.



With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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