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The story...


     With dreams and high hopes of commissioning an intricate float rod adorned with all the custom trimmings, Mr. Xiong contacted IRC.  His first email began with the following, "I've been searching around for months to find a builder which will exceed my expectations, and I believe that I've finally found my answer, IRC."  Music to my ears!  On top of that, as I read further through his notes, he had even detailed a theme and project name.  With his ideas, suggestions and the goal of creating a futuristic green/silver sword named "Chrome Slayer", I began formulating a plan of attack.  Although the build took a couple weeks longer than I had hoped because of some last minute brainstorming surrounding the design of the butt wrap, it still was something I looked forward to working on and finishing.  I knew when it was completed and the preliminary photos were sent to Mr. Xiong for approval that it would be a show stopper.  Consequently, I have no reservations about giving it the elevated status that comes with being labeled with the "Signature Build" decal.  The culmination of many email discussions, day dreams, mockups and incorporation of spur of the moment-on the fly ideas has resulted in the CTS float rod pictured below for your review.

Build Specifications:

Blank:  CTS Affinity FF1503-3, 4-8# Chameleon Green/Gold Float Rod

Reelseat:  Batson ALPS

Reelseat Insert: N/A

Stripper Guides:  AMTACK TiChrome / Gold Ring Spinning

Running Guides:  AMTACK TiChrome / Gold Ring Fly

Guide Wraps:  Metallic Pewter, Gold & Green

Ferrule Wraps: Same

Winding Check: Custom Stabilized Double Dyed Big Leaf Maple Burl Green/Gold

Hookkeeper:  Gold Lg. Bent Wire

Decals:  Decal Connection

Cork: Custom Natural, Burnt, Rubberized Spotted Burl, Green Burl w/Stabilized Double Dyed Stabilized BLMB Wood Trim Rings

Transition Hosel:  Custom Stabilized Double Dyed BLMB Wood

F.Butt:  Custom w/Engraved Butt Cap

Special Inclusions: Buttwrap, thread trimband within the fighting butt and wood within the grip.


The Photos:





Build Review:

I always find that I'm filled with bitter-sweet thoughts as I snap the final photos in preparation for posting on the site.  Having had the opportunity to invest quite a bit of time with this build, it is inevitable to develop a sense of attachment.  I regret having to send it out especially with how well the final product turned out! But,  I realize that this 15'-er is going to a great home with an owner that has promised that while it will get fished vigorously, it will be taken care of just the same.  I can't wait to see the chrome that it will slay.  After all, IT IS THE "CHROME SLAYER!" 


Mr. ZNX was kind enough to send me a testimonial.  It can be read here:  Testimonials



With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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