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The story...


Repeat and referrals make up a majority of my business.  It is always a pleasure to build for someone who knows your capabilities and has a certain level of trust in your vision because of having already fished your work through a friend.  Dariusz was no exception.  He knew what he like and what he wanted to improve upon.  With a few weeks, I had all the hardware and components necessary to build his dream float rod.  This time, I was presented with the task of building a 2 piece 13'6" custom CTS affinity float rod!  In case you didn't realize, a 13'6" 2pc float rod is LONG!  Making room for it on my tying bench was "fun"!


I won't bore you with all of the individual component details this time.  I've included some photos of the grip and the basic wrap design which really came out nice.  Some are during the "approval" phase of mocking up, so disregard anything that looks unfinished because it likely was taken when it was indeed "unfinished".


I'd like to thank my friends, Carl and Sau-Chun for transporting the rod to Dariusz "somewhere" in Western Pennsylvania.  I received a call back the day after to let me know that he had a heck of a time spanking fish and that the rod performed beautifully.  Music to my ears! 



Build Specifications:

Blank: CTS 13'6" Custom 2pc Affinity Float

Reelseat:  Batson

Reelseat Insert: Stabilized Burl

The Photos:





Build Review:


I enjoyed building this rod and working with this client. 

The finished product delivered on its promise to bring fish to the bank with authority!




With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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