"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better."

- Pat Riley

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The story...


No drawn out tales associated with the construction and design phases on this CTS because this one IS MINE!  I knew I wanted to be able to fish a rod that would serve as an on-stream demonstration of my abilities.  However, unlike many of my builds, I opted for a more subdued illustration of the custom work I'm capable of producing.  I still incorporated creative thread work and a decorative butt wrap, but chose colors that would stand in the background of the coolness of the blank color.  Much of what I whipped up with thread cloaks itself in invisibility if outside the presence of sunlight.  The custom chameleon green / gold finish available through CTS is an appropriate name.  In the shadows, it takes on a dark ARMY green color without a hint of metallic gold sparkle, but the moment the sunlight touches it...BAM!  It turns into a glimmering gold disco ball with a surface that appears to be made up of thousands of diamonds.  The color reacts to changing light conditions in so many different ways that you never can be sure of what standard of green you'll see next.  SWEET!



Build Specifications:

Blank:  CTS 1364.3 Chameleon Green/Gold Finish

Reelseat:  Batson

Reelseat Insert: Custom Big Leaf Maple Burl (Custom Dyed Green)

Stripper Guides:  PacBay Minima Spinning 3's

Running Guides:  PacBay Minima Fly 4's

Guide Wraps:  Dark Green Nylon, Black NCP Spiraled, Holographic Electric Metallic Trim bands

Ferrule Wraps: Medium Green Nylon (in an attempt to match the blank color)

Winding Check: Custom Big Leaf Maple Burl (Custom Dyed Green)

Hookkeeper:  Large Bent Wire

Decals:  Decal Connection

Cork: Custom Rubberized Burl, Green Burl, Burnt and Natural

F.Butt:  Custom Big Leaf Maple Burl (Custom Dyed Green)

Special Inclusions: Transition Hosel / Decorative Thread Butt Wrap

The Photos:



With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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