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The story...


This custom XST went up for sale during the 2012 holiday season as an "extra" and was snatched up just in time for gift giving!

Build Specifications:

Blank:  Batson XST1562-3 Titanium Finsihed 6-10# 3pc Float Rod

Reelseat:  Batson RA8L2 Shiny Gunsmoke Skeleton

Reelseat Insert:  Batson Woven Grey Woven Fiber

Stripper Guides:  Fuji BYAG's

Running Guides:  Jann's TiCh Flexi-lites

Tip Top Guide:  Fuji BFAT Size 8

Guide Wraps:  Brown Nylon w/chrome metallic / black metallic accent bands

Ferrule Wraps: Dark Charcoal Nylon

Winding Check:  Rubber

Hookkeeper:  Large Black Bent WIre

Decals:  None

Cork: Custom turned 6 3/4" fore grip, 9 1/4" aft grip using rubberized burl, burnt and natural cork

F.Butt:  PacBay HD Gunsmoke Aluminum (superior balance)

Overall Mass:  Rod weighs in at 9.30 ounces.





With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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