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The story...


Another float conversion built upon the dependable Batson switchrod blank.  The client specified a pack rod for small tributaries and feeders with good balance, durability and with many of the custom trimmings from another build:  "Blue Fury".  I changed things up a bit in an attempt to remain unique and delivered a little more than he requested.  The rod is in route.  I'll post his response when he hopefully has the opportunity to unwrap the packaging just in time for X-mas.   Some of the photos show the thread motif without finish and the grip during mock up and in an unfinished and misaligned state.  The day of photographing was "sun-less" and provided disappointing photography results.  So, I threw in the "approval photos" that are sent out during the build and are usually not featured on the final webpage for the public to view.  I hope you like!


Build Specifications:

Blank: Batson 1086-4 Switch Blank

Reelseat:  Batson RA8L2

Reelseat Insert: Custom Dyed Maple Stabilized Burl

Stripper Guides:  Jann's Flexi-Lites

Running Guides:  Jann's Flexi-Lites

Guide Wraps:  Black NCP, Blue Nylon, Metallic Silver

Ferrule Wraps: Charcoal Nylon

Winding Check:  Custom Dyed Stabilized Maple Burl

Hookkeeper:  Bent Wire

Decals:  OEM and IRC.

Cork: Custom Burnt Burl, Natural, Dark Mix, Rubberized

F.Butt: Custom Dyed Stabilized Maple Burl

Special Inclusions:  Wood within the grips, Swirl Fade Guide Wrap


The Photos:





Build Review:


If you can't tell already and if you stumbled upon this page without having viewed any others, I LOVE RODBUILDING!  This project was no exception.  The color and character of the wood, the flow of the wraps and the cork scheme of the grips came out better than my expectations.  I hope Mr. Manzo likes it! 


With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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