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Custom switch rod perfect for swinging streamers, two hand casting or as an extended length nympher. Don't let the 8wt scare you away, as these Batson 10'8' 4pc blanks are known to feel, function and fight fish (because of the design and traditional blank action) like a 7wt. perfect for steelheading and small salmon fishing.


12.25" long foregrip & 3.5" aft grip, folding TiCh hookkeeper, 16,12,10 TiCh strippers, Oversized double foot snake style TiCh finished running guides, TiCh wire loop tip top. Wraps on the strippers feature the olive branch motif and the running guides follow the color theme properly. Uplocking and inletted aluminum cut out reelseat with carbon fiber grey insert. Ferrules have been wrapped for maximum durability. Custom charity, steelhead and unique Batson specification (this is not an OEM) decals as well. Custom decal art work donated by Billy @ Custom Graphix/Decal Connection.

What you should know: All (that's 100%) of the proceeds from the eventual sale of this rod will be donated in the assistance of Arctic Snow Monkey. There is a reserve on this rod, although I know we'll have NO PROBLEM surpassing it.

If you are unfamiliar with the reasoning behind this charitable cause:



Mike's blog featured through his roll as fisheries biologist for the Cleveland Metroparks (Ohio):


The rod photos:



All interested in placing a bid should email IRC immediately @: ASMCHARITYFUNDRAISER@InfinityRodCreations.com

This auction is being run across multiple websites and forums. I will update the current highest bid as it is received. This auction will run until the X2 reserve price is achieved. In the event that the winning bidder is unable to fulfill his / her commitment, the choice will fall to the second highest bid.

Thank you and good luck!



With this rod, the adventure ends, but another awaits my attention....

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